About Mark

Mark Patey was recently rated as one of the top presenters and trainers in the country. His professional experience began at the age of 17 with the exponential growth of several companies he and his twin brother started. Mark has successfully built up and sold companies ranging from retail stores to manufacturing plants.

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Seminar Availability

Mr. Patey is booked until July, 21st 2022.

Please contact us if you have more immediate needs.

Mr. Patey offers discounts for non-profits, churches and youth groups.


Connie Baliant, CLP, Tampa, FL

Very high marks for your sales presentation. Educational sessions help our membership grow personally and professionally. Thank you for addressing both issues and furthering our industry.

Nathan Tate Director of Professional Development, Carlsbad, CA

The issues you addressed in your seminars are some of the most critical facing dealers in this industry today.

Dan Brienholdt, HR Office Manager, Stamford, CT

I've been using these principles for over 12 years. The knowledge has helped me to not only survive, but to flourish in the competitive marketplace...a must for anyone in sales.

Tom Ahlmann, Business Director, Kent, England

We have seen the confidence of our employees grow. They have developed their own personal tools to succeed in their individual areas, not only in business but in their personal lives as well.

Shauna L. Theobald, Private Consultant, Finley, OH

Your insight and experiences were invaluable in helping new entrepreneurs get a clearer picture of what lies ahead...Excellent.

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Richard Ang, ASEAN HRD Director, Singapore

Remarkable! He gets to the heart of the matter, bringing earned wisdom and thoughtful balance to the inner and outer dimensions of our practice.emarkable! He gets to the heart of the matter, bringing Remarkable! He gets to the heart of the matter, bringing...

Randy Beck – Director of Professional Development NAMM

Thank you for helping to make the NAMM 2001 International Music Market the biggest and the most successful in NAMM history!... you delivered and inspired and heartfelt message for all…your keynote on Friday had the highest attendance out of 64 sessions and...