Avoiding the Dangers of Discounting

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(1.5 Hours) Possibly one of the biggest challenges in sales is having competition in your industry who is always willing to cut your price and do the work, or provide the product, for less. Price wars hurt everyone, including the consumer. This course provides powerful tools to deal with the dangers of discounting.

You will learn:

  • Why the customers didn't buy the first time.
  • 8 ways to put an end to the back and forth price battles.
  • Effective tools to close a deal now, instead of later or never.
  • How to increase your margins and sell more as a result.
  • 4 critical areas to increase perceived value in a purchase with you over anyone else.

Results will be:

  • A dramatic increase in profit margins.
  • Better paid and happier sales staff.
  • Better serviced and more loyal customers.
  • An end to the sales staff excuses for not clearing appropriate margins.

Common Feedback:

"Without the training with Mark Patey we would never have saved this company. Now sales are up, profit margins are way up, and we have a more motivated and energetic sales staff."
--Danny Bishop Houston, Texas