Beyond the Competitive Edge in Sales & Customer Relations

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Satisfied Customers

SALES (6 Hours): It is no longer a mystery; it is a science. With our three part sales-training package you will learn to dramatically increase sales.

These parts are:

            1. The Barriers
            2. The Formula
            3. The Solution

You will learn how to dramatically increase sales. Applying universal principles, rather then learnedtechniques, permits you to adapt the presentations to fit your individual clients. Besides, you can never learn enough techniques to fit all the variations you'll find in both personalities and situations.


CUSTOMER RELATIONS (6 hours): The following statement is representative of many progressive business owners who have attended this course:

"We have done all we know how to do to improve the quality of our products, and to make the atmosphere into which our customers come as pleasant as possible. For the most part, our competitors are doing the same thing. The only area in which we can truly distance ourselves from the competition is to increase the capacity of our employees to interface more appropriately and effectively with our customers. This training gave us the tools we were looking for." Jerry Williams, New York City.

The Principles taught are:

  1. Commitment to integrity.
  2. Genuine value for all individuals.
  3. Commitment to the growth of all... not just the business.
  4. Heart-felt, centered communication.

The Results:

  1. Openness between customers and employees.
  2. Customer's increased confidence in employees leads to confidence in the business.
  3. Feelings of genuine importance and value.
  4. Acceptance, warmth, sensitivity, and sincere interest are constant.
  5. Customers find satisfaction in climates that are genuine, warm, and open.
  6. Customers become and remain loyal to you and your business for life.