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The Best Leaders

Rubik's Cube. . .

Good Judgement

Good Judgement

I have a rule: I don't do business with people who have never failed.  What I mean by that is if someone who I don't know well comes to me with a proposal, and I ask them what their past business experiences have been like, if they tell me that everything they've ever touched has turned to gold, I:

The Art of the Interview

Ah, the interview.  For some people they're nervewracking; for others, they're just tedious.  I, however, have always enjoyed both sides of the process.  I'm competitive, so loved winning over my interviewers.

Want Better Teamwork? Get Up Close and Personal!

An effective teamI love the digital age.  I love being able to text someone a quick message, shoot off an email, post all over social media, you name it.  BUT, I've always felt strongly that meaningful interactions between team members take place face-to-face.  And lo and behold, someone agrees with me. 

Pause Dreaming, Start Doing!

What Does It Take to Be a Leader?

Less than you probably think.  So many people seem to believe that if you're leading others you have to be better than them at, well, everything.  That you have to almost bully those under you to show who's boss.  But that's not the case.  Take Bill Gates, for example.  He described his whole leadership style/business plan as "finding people smarter than me

Do the Right Thing

Nobody starts out in business with the goal of trying to cheat their way to the top (do NOT insert lawyer joke here!)  Yet still, sometimesDo What Is Right you might be tempted to do something that isn't completely honest.  Why?  Because it's easy.  There is so much you could get away with in the business world without your customers being any the wiser, thi


If you're one of those Go! Go!

Get Viral

No matter how you interact with people, you have to be real.  And that's true even in the seemingly impersonal world of social media.  It can be easy to just shoot posts out into the internet ether, without really thinking about your content, or the person receiving it. 

Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba (yeah, they've done all right for themselves), gives some super-brief but super-good advice about it in this video:

How You Write, How You Think

Have you ever paid any attention to how you learn best?  I hope so, because according to the experts, not learning is the leading cause of ignorance ;).  But honestly, when was the last time that you really analyzed what you do when you take notes, for instance?  Does what you do work, meaning, do you actually retain anything?  Or, are you just doing what seems like a good idea?  It's worth considering. 



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