The Art of the Interview

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Ah, the interview.  For some people they're nervewracking; for others, they're just tedious.  I, however, have always enjoyed both sides of the process.  I'm competitive, so loved winning over my interviewers. But I also really enjoy talking to and getting to know people, so I've generally had a lot of fun doing interviews for people applying to positions in companies I've owned.  But whichever side you find yourself on, it's sooo important to understand the dynamics of it all. Which is why I really liked James Citrin's article on interviewing in a recent LinkedIn Pulse edition. 

Using his wealth of experience, Citrin describes the ins-and-outs of interviewing—how he would nail his own, and how interviewers generally operate.  A very worthwhile read no matter where you find yourself:

Interviewing to live, living to interview