Pause Dreaming, Start Doing!

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I've run into a LOT of people who dream big, and that's awesome.  Dreams are and have been the foundation for pretty much every big thing that's come along since always (sure, some innovations and inventions happened by "accident," but even then the dreamer most likely thought, "Wow.  What if . . . ?")  And I think that the oft-heard advice to "dream big" is some of the best advice out there.  But, so many of those dreamers I've run into are just that—dreamers, with nary a doer in the bunch. 

Like the graphic says, "Dreams don't work unless you do."  In other words, Steve Jobs didn't think up a new way of computing and then just sit on the curb and wait for someone to show up and make it all happen.  Walt Disney didn't pioneer animation by stopping after his initial ideas had come to him.  If you've got a dream, fantastic!  Now the question you show be asking yourself is "How can I?"  Then make a plan, and follow through.  If you're not a planner, then partner with someone who is, make a plan, and yep, follow through.  You CAN do it, you just need to figure out how.

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The truly sad thing?  How many incredible dreams are out there that will never come to be because the dreamers won't stop dreaming long enough to get them done?  If you're dreaming, great!  Now get doing!