Breaking Through Barriers


(1.5 Hours) Breaking Through Barriers? We've all heard it before. We've attended seminars with similar titles and the usual descriptions; so what makes this course so different? We suggest you come out and see for yourself! Mark Patey takes a drastically new and entertaining approach to education in this one-of-a-kind experience. Participants may find themselves blindfolded or otherwise interacting with the presenter as they learn some of life's most valuable lessons. Inspiring new truths to breaking through and overcoming barriers will be revealed as everyone enjoys this inspirational seminar.

You will learn:

  • That participating in a Patey Seminar is a entertaining and rewarding experience.
  • What walls REALLY stand between you and ultimate success.
  • How to recognize and eliminate self-destructive behavior.
  • Where real motivation is found and how to magnify it.
  • If you are your own worst enemy.
  • That sales can be celebrated more then feared.
  • That barriers are meant to be broken, mountains were meant to be conquered, storms can be weathered, "and several other over-used and abused clichés!"

Who should attend:

  • Those struggling with personal barriers.
  • Staff working within a "stagnant" market.
  • Sales teams that have hit a plateau.
  • Management looking for new training tools.

Common Feedback:

"I've been to some of the best in the country but I must admit, yours was way out front!" --Jennifer Call, Salt Lake City, Utah