Mark's Consulting

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Mark's consulting services are utilized primarily by larger companies, municipalities and other government agencies. Listed below are Mark's three most requested consulting services. Occasionally, Mark is contracted for special projects that can take all of his available time resulting in his inability to take on new clients.

If the service or program you are looking for is not available, please fill out the request form and you will be contacted when Mark finishes an existing Consulting Contract or Project Retainer Program.

Speech Consultant

Mark is not only a talented speaker, he is a fantastic speech coach as well. Mark has been the personal speech coach and debate advisor for 2 successful gubernatorial candidates as well as helping several other elected officials gain ground during election season. Mark's Speech Consulting is not just used for large public address but also used to help build successful sales presentations and scripts to be delivered by any salesperson from the pulpit, on the road or on the phone.

Concerned you don't have the right man to give product demos or presentations? Let Mark do it for you or have him train your team to do it just as well.

Rate: 6 month minimum contract rate negotiated based on time requirements.

"Review and Report" on your current speech or sales and product presentation. For further involvement in building or polishing scripts General Consulting rates will apply. Call for additional details.

General Consulting

If any of the following apply to you, Mark may be the solution you're looking for.

  • Got a new product to introduce to the market and need an expert to brainstorm effective programs?
  • Just built a new ad campaign and need to know if it's worth sending to press?
  • Have some negotiations coming up and want to ensure they all go well?
  • Want an outside perspective at a critical board meeting?
  • Building a new sales program?
  • Building incentive based compensations and want to know it will be effective over the long run?
  • Sales are dropping?
  • Need help hiring profitable employees?

Rate: 6 month minimum contract rate negotiated based on time requirements.

Note: Mark is a pilot and will fly to you with little to no notice. Check out Mark's travel fees. Areas Mark does NOT consult in: Time Management & Legal Accounting Systems management.


Mr. Patey is unable to take any new clients on a retainer program.

Mark doesn't need office space or health and insurance benefits. He is available whenever you need him and never causes problems with other employees. This program has been a popular upgrade for those who have used Mark on a General Consulting program and want him more often or more permanently intergrated into their business. Businesses experiencing rapid growth are the best candidates for this program.