The Magic in Marketing


(3 Hours) Have you ever wondered why some of the best laid marketing plans come up short while others shock us with overwhelmingly positive results? Mark has spent years building and marketing businesses of his own and served as a consultant on countless others. His experience has served in gaining measurable results in marketing. His effectiveness has been overwhelming. Mark is more known for effective sales and marketing programs than anything else he speaks on. If you can't have Mark on retainer at your business then this is the next best thing. Let him train your marketing staff on all the critical components most often left out of what would have otherwise been a great marketing campaign.

You will learn:

  • "The Four Brain Busters" to get your message into the mind of your clients.
  • "The magic" that makes the difference.
  • Pre-marketing, core marketing, and follow up marketing.
  • 3 ways to get free marketing.
  • Passive, aggressive, indirect and direct marketing.
  • "Marketing Memory Triggers"


  • The worlds most effective marketing campaigns.
  • Gained confidence your doing the right thing before you spend a dime.
  • Budget savings with free advertising.
  • Marketing that's fun instead of just being a risk.
  • You just might start your own add agency on the side, it has happened.

Common Feedback:

"I've been in marketing since I graduated and I NEVER learned this stuff in school. Wow, what a difference! Listening to his (Marks) real world experiences and the wisdom that comes with it has been a Godsend. I look back on ads we've done that worked, and ads that didn't, and for the first time I understand why... I can see why he (Mark) has become so well known in sales and marketing. It's nice to finally see something new... P.S. If you find a way to bottle and sell Marks energy I'll pay top dollar."
--Jenny Beck. Ontario Canada