Management for Middle Management

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(3 Hours) We've put you in management, but we'll be watching you. We'll empower you to make decisions, but don't make any on your own. Fix the problems in your department, but don't do anything we wouldn't do. We've hired you in management for your talents and expertise, but try to do it our way. In short, be and act like an owner but remember you are just an employee who can be replaced.

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Middle management is a quandary. Understanding how to live, work, survive and hopefully thrive takes some special skills and understanding. Unfortunately, most people in middle management spend more time surviving then they do working on the things we've hired them to accomplish. We need middle management to take proactive steps for the betterment of our companies but understandably don't want them to make any of the mistakes we ourselves have made and learned from. This training is most effective when both upper and middle management attend. It's not designed to attack or point blame in any direction but rather to bring to everyone's awareness the most costly mistakes in management and provide tools to open communication and safely empower individuals with appropriate accountability. This course is most often referred to as a "serious eye opener." Anyone in management already knows how to find solutions and fix problems, it's the lack of awareness of some simple truths that prevents us from seeing the breakdowns.

Common Feedback:

"I've always felt middle management was a waist of money. I could do it myself faster and better but the reality is I just don't have the time to do myself or I would. I kept hiring new people, believing this time I would get it right. But there was never a "silver bullet," or perfect employee. This training finally gave me the understanding we ALL needed. I cant' say I was doing anything wrong, I just didn't "get it." Now we all do and it has made a difference.. THANKS!"
--Berry Jenkins. Tulsa Ok.