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Mr. Patey is booked until July, 22nd 2022.

Each seminar is $15,000. Mr. Patey offers discounts for non-profits, churches and youth groups.

Mark has done hundreds of seminars on many topics and is accustomed to building courses around the specific needs of his clients. However, Mark is an expert and specializes in Sales, Marketing, Motivation and Rapid business development; he does NOT speak on Time Management, Legal/Asset Protection, Accounting, or Systems Management.

If you have a specific need that doesn't fit within his area of expertise, Mr. Patey will send you to other qualified and talented speakers. Listed below are Mark's most requested seminars with a brief description of each. Contact us for a program built specifically around your needs.

Beyond the Competitive Edge in Sales & Customer Relations

Satisfied Customers

SALES (6 Hours): It is no longer a mystery; it is a science. With our three part sales-training package you will learn to dramatically increase sales.

Avoiding the Dangers of Discounting

(1.5 Hours) Possibly one of the biggest challenges in sales is having competition in your industry who is always willing to cut your price and do the work, or provide the product, for less. Price wars hurt everyone, including the consumer. This course provides powerful tools to deal with the dangers of discounting.

Management for Middle Management

(3 Hours) We've put you in management, but we'll be watching you. We'll empower you to make decisions, but don't make any on your own. Fix the problems in your department, but don't do anything we wouldn't do. We've hired you in management for your talents and expertise, but try to do it our way. In short, be and act like an owner but remember you are just an employee who can be replaced.

Hiring Profitable Employees

(6 Hours) Have you ever hired individuals who have completely mesmerized you, only to find out they were not who they presented themselves to be? Company growth is often crippled when the wrong individual is hired or promoted.

The Magic in Marketing

(3 Hours) Have you ever wondered why some of the best laid marketing plans come up short while others shock us with overwhelmingly positive results? Mark has spent years building and marketing businesses of his own and served as a consultant on countless others. His experience has served in gaining measurable results in marketing. His effectiveness has been overwhelming. Mark is more known for effective sales and marketing programs than anything else he speaks on. If you can't have Mark on retainer at your business then this is the next best thing.

Surviving the Growth

(4 hours) Growing pains, the only pain a company wishes on themselves and not their enemies. The sad truth is rapid growth can put a company out of business as quickly as a slow year in sales. If your business is steady and each day is the same as the last you have no need for this training. However, if you are experiencing rapid growth or see growth on the horizon the time to prepare for that growth is now, not when the work hits the fan.

The 2% That Counts

(1 Hour) We spend every ounce of our time, talents, and energy working to get noteworthy results, yet somehow we seem to "break-even" in life, sales, business, and even in our relationships. What's going wrong? The key is understanding the simple truths and principles outlined in this course. The 2% extra, after all expectations have been met, can make 200% of the difference. Find the motivation that's been lacking, the tools we've all missed, and the examples that make the difference in this short and entertainingly motivating seminar.

Media Miracles

(1 Hour) Looking for media attention and can't get the coverage you, your business, or your story deserves? Or worse, did they put a "spin" on a story that negatively impacted you when you originally thought the press was going to be a good thing? Spend an hour and learn a lifetime's worth of information on the critical components required when working with the mainstream media.



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