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Mr. Patey is booked until April, 24th 2022.

Each seminar is $15,000. Mr. Patey offers discounts for non-profits, churches and youth groups.

Mark has done hundreds of seminars on many topics and is accustomed to building courses around the specific needs of his clients. However, Mark is an expert and specializes in Sales, Marketing, Motivation and Rapid business development; he does NOT speak on Time Management, Legal/Asset Protection, Accounting, or Systems Management.

If you have a specific need that doesn't fit within his area of expertise, Mr. Patey will send you to other qualified and talented speakers. Listed below are Mark's most requested seminars with a brief description of each. Contact us for a program built specifically around your needs.

Service to Sales

(1 Hour) We all know how important it is to take care of our customers, so let's not belittle anyone's intelligence by focusing on customer service to0 much. However, is it possible to double your profits buy taking care of the backend? Yes! Not only is it possible, it's quite simple.

Breaking Through Barriers

(1.5 Hours) Breaking Through Barriers? We've all heard it before. We've attended seminars with similar titles and the usual descriptions; so what makes this course so different? We suggest you come out and see for yourself! Mark Patey takes a drastically new and entertaining approach to education in this one-of-a-kind experience. Participants may find themselves blindfolded or otherwise interacting with the presenter as they learn some of life's most valuable lessons.

Launch The Ascent

This course in most requested by companies going through mergers and/or acquisitions. Specifically designed to open people's minds, this presentation makes it possible to introduce new ideas, concepts, and programs without the usual hesitations or resistance to change.



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