Surviving the Growth

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(4 hours) Growing pains, the only pain a company wishes on themselves and not their enemies. The sad truth is rapid growth can put a company out of business as quickly as a slow year in sales. If your business is steady and each day is the same as the last you have no need for this training. However, if you are experiencing rapid growth or see growth on the horizon the time to prepare for that growth is now, not when the work hits the fan.

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You will learn:

  • How to maintain positive cash flow.
  • Inventory Management traps
  • Systems Development Secrets
  • Personnel policies and Procedures
  • Keeping Suppliers Accountable while still maintaining good relationships
  • How to work with your banks.
  • Hiring and training profitable employees.

Results will be smooth and stress free growth.

Instructor: Although Mark Patey did assist in the development of this course, he does not do seminars or training in this area. We recognize this training is critical and as a result of the ongoing requests for training in growth management Mark recommends Ranch Pratt, a fantastic and well qualified trainer.